Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Two, January 7th, 2010

The best part of today came before lunch when my buddy Lisa Fusco opened her desk drawer, shuffled through her snack stash and pulled out a ziplock bag with two of her famous cookies in it, and said "Want one?". There is not a chocolate chip cookie in the entire state or country for that fact that rivals Lisa's. It is her signature, her trademark. Every birthday boy or girl is the recipient of their own private batch, and some people, like Lou, don't even need a reason to get this very sought after prize. And this is not just my opinion, hands down, hers are the best. We try to pry the secret out of her, and she says, well maybe it is the dark brown sugar I use, or maybe it is the butter not margarine, or maybe it is the pan. I think it is that she puts her heart and soul into every morsel knowing how much joy each cookie brings. Eyes brighten, mouths water, you just have to experience it once in your life. Pure cookie joy, crisp bottom, soft inside, gooey chocolate chips, each bite dissolves slowly in your mouth as sacred as a first communion wafer. Pure joy, pure happiness, it doesn't get any better than Lisa's chocolate chip cookies.

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