Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 3, January 8th, 2010

Today's post is early and a no brainer! Lots of smiles here today! 30 years ago, at this moment I was in the labor room at the now closed Pt.Pleasant Beach Hospital awaiting the birth of my daughter! The trend of the day was natural childbirth, and by that I mean no drugs! I hee hee'd so hard I hyperventilated. I heard the doctor tell my husband, encourage her not to take any drugs! I told the nurse I had to push, and she patted my hand and said now now, the doctor just checked you, you have a long time to go! She took a look and screamed, delivery room now. My husband who said he wasn't going to watch, ran behind us, and we barely made it there. The baby was screaming before she was even delivered!!! The doctor was holding her and kept putting his finger in her mouth so she would stop crying! He finally said, don't you want to know what it is! Those days, we didn't know until the baby arrived, we were so excited, we forgot to ask! It was a girl, my precious adorable daughter, Lauren Nicole! What a wonderful 30 years it has been, and it only gets better! And she has blessed us with two beautiful grandsons! Happy Birthday Lauren, thanks for 30 years of joy!

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