Sunday, November 9, 2008

What I've been up to lately

Well, a new beautiful baby arrived on our block late in October, so I cracked out the recipe for fudge that I hadn't made in so long, and made a tray of that and a big tray of yummy comforting macaroni and cheese and sent it across the street. Then someone in the office had a birthday, so I made the fudge again. I forgot how easy it was to throw together, and of course everyone loved it. I was thinking about when we lived in Erie, PA and would go for rides and see signs that said, "Goat Milk Fudge" for sale. Now, my memory is not that good, so I am not sure if we ever bought goat milk fudge, or ate it, but somehow I have this thought of stopping along the road and buying some and savoring it, but it could just be one of my many dreams/memories mixtures! Anyway, speaking of babies, we are expecting another grandchild! L & S, the newlyweds, recent homeowners are expecting in late May early June. I am really looking forward to seeing if I should buy pink yarn or blue! Also, due to the school holiday, D came to visit since last Wednesday and went home last night. I call it the arrival of the six year tornado! But honestly, it is more or less my participation in the fun that makes the house look like it was ransacked from one end to another. Of course, we had to drag out the afghans and put them on the living room floor so we could pretend we were on a raft in the middle of the ocean, plus D was deputized and gave us a lot of tickets, I got one for not having socks on and PopPop got one for eating grapes in the living room, plus he shot a giant tiger (stuffed) with a tranquilizer gun and caged it up so he could return it to the zoo! Oh to be six again! Also, in my spare time, I finally finished a bunting for M at work and his new baby which is due within the next two weeks. Here's a picture

Saying goodbye to Aunt Edna

You know, people always say, when you get older, time passes more quickly. That seems impossible, there are the same amount of minutes in the day whether you are six or sixty, but why does it seems to just keep going faster and faster? From the last time I wrote, we took Aunt Edna to her final rest. It was a cool day, misty and gentle rain started falling when we moved to the cemetery plot. It was very odd seeing a deep hole and then the velvet wrapped box that contained all the bodily remains. I kept asking myself, is that all there is, is that it, you live your life, and so soon it has passed. As we drove away, the cemetery worker who had been sitting patiently by while we listened to Edna lead us in prayer, came with a lone shovel, one shovelful at a time, filling it in. We all met afterwards and lingered so long over lunch, it was hours, but somehow no one wanted to leave.It was almost a feeling of what might happen before we can all be together again, and the feeling that we should just savor the moments of being together. I have tried to take a few minutes each day and remember Aunt Edna and all the love she brought to the world and hopefully through those memories she will be forever alive.