Saturday, October 12, 2013

Great Weather for Crocheting

I love to crochet, but particularly when the cool weather arrives. Planning often starts on Saturday when the new ads arrive in the Saturday paper from Michaels Stores, and AC Moore, and now a new Hobby Lobby has opened in our area. Looking over the ads inspires great ideas, such as Lion Brand Homespun yarn in rich fall colors. I was at a craft show last week and noticed a knitter busy creating lush, soft, thick and bulky scarfs all in homespun. The entire table was piled, same stitch, same pattern, same soft texture, just beautiful. Lion Brands makes 61 colors, and if you can't find them in Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or AC Moore, buying your colors on line is really easy. Check out the below link, and just look at all the beautiful colors. The Lion Brand website also has great free patterns for knitting and crocheting. I usually like to record most of the television shows I like to watch, and then sit with my crochet hook, yarn, a cup of coffee and remote and catch up on my shows on the weekend while I crochet.Check out the below pattern for a bulky warm scarf, this is really easy and can probably be made in one afternoon. I am going to explore some more yarns and patterns soon and will let you know what I find out. Happy Hooking!!!

Those links again are:

for the 61 colors of yarn:,

and for the pattern:

or just go to Lion