Friday, June 19, 2009

What a crazy few weeks it has been

I realized today I have really neglected my blog postings. So I just jumped off this crazy carousel to bring you up to date! The last I wrote was about my daughter's baby shower in April, I didn't add that we were babysitting my son's animals while he and his partner went on a wonderful two week vacation to Portugal! It was my son's first visit there to see his partner's "homeland" and the pictures they brought back were awesome! So much white and red, concrete buildings, tile roofs, blue skies, just breathtaking. We had an early Memorial Day get together while anxiously waiting for the new baby to arrive. The night before my son's birthday, May 21st, he was mugged while jogging on the boardwalk (he is fine) but just another confirmation to me that exercise can be dangerous! On Friday, May 29th, we were sure it was the day for the baby! I rushed down to my daughters and we walked and got a caffeine loaded cappucino, timed contractions, and the following day everything stopped! Then my son called, his partner was in the hospital with a collapsed lung! Apparently this is something that can sometimes spontaneously happen, so went back home to visit the patient. Still no baby so my husband and I tackled a big job in the yard, we dug out (I mean he dug out) a seven foot tall Mimosa tree that had grown through our fence and transplanted it to the front yard. ( I dug out that hole). We just finished and decided that we would shower and collapse when daughter called, contractions were five minutes apart for three hours! I rushed down and the following morning my new little grandson, Marcus Cornel, was born! You can see his new baby pictures on my friend Denise Snyder's blog. So I spent the week with my daughter's family and am now trying to land back on earth! Check out the pictures!

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