Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Eight, January 13th, 2010

I have been looking forward to today for quite a while. My grandson, Damien, entered his first science fair. Tonight was the actual event and I asked to leave work a half hour early so I could get there in time. The judging of each project was done and the doors were set to open at 7:15 for the public viewing and presentation of awards. Damien was right in the front, at the first table, and he was beaming. He demonstrated his project, which was static electricity and gathered quite a little crowd. His favorite example was rubbing a balloon on his head so that his hair would stand up. He did such a good job that the balloon stuck onto his head! After viewing all the projects, which were awesome, it was time for the judging. Each child got a nice plaque, a certificate and a green ribbon. Damien was the only entrant in the second grade, so he easily won first place for the second grade with a nice certificate and blue ribbon. The other grades were presented with their winners and it was time for the overall prizes. Damien won fourth prize overall! He looped all three award ribbons around his wrist! It was a great evening, and I am so proud of Damien! He worked very hard on his project and presented it beautifully. He also had a very good grasp of the science behind static electricity. Just before I left, he was telling us that next year he wants to do a project about the earth's natural resources! When did he get so big! Good job Damien, you were the happiest part of the day!

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